with Diana Domingo, M.A. Psychology, Voice and Sound Practitioner

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Diana Domingo, M.A., is an Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Sound-Voice Practitioner. She has worked with the healing power of music, imagination, introspection into creative expression, breath, voice and sound for over a decade and helped numerous individuals from all walks of life move deeper within to find connection, create space, healing energy, grace and ease.


Bridging her Masters in Psychology with in-depth work and study in art, music and bio-acoustics, Diana bridges empirical science with techniques and modalities that use the body’s own natural intelligence and intuition to inspire people to break through, heal trauma, find their truth and live more creatively and joyfully.


How I Can Help You

  • This session can transform how you view breath, health and your voice!

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • 3 questions reveal your Voice's power. Price incl. Session & Report.

    45 min

    65 US dollars
  • Learn about your Voice. Learn about yourself.

    45 min

    65 US dollars

Ally R., Client

“After my concussion, I was experiencing headaches multiple times per day. After doing the Voice Analysis w/ Diana, following up with some referrals and listening to the healing tones she sent, my headaches were reduced to only one per day and now only occasionally.” 

Dena, Client

This Voice Print and Analysis is a unique service that gives more insight into our personalities.  It was a needed therapy and discovery session. Fun, but also made me look a little deeper into my emotional needs and how to care for them. It's perfect for a curious mind and I recommend 10/10. 

Blair D, Client

“I have been suffering with ADHD my entire life and the Voice Analysis helped to reveal some of my root issues. The healing tones, along with the spot-on recommendations I received have helped to improve my ability to focus, balance my energy levels and relax on a deeper level. It is profound.”