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Voice Print & Bio

3 questions reveal your Voice's power. Price incl. Session & Report.

  • 45 min
  • 65 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Whether you’re looking to unlock greater focus in yourself, peace and clarity in life, or to release physical tension to manage chronic fatigue and pain - your voice holds the key. Your body is an integrated system and, as part of that system, your voice has inherent biomarkers and indicators that can accurately reveal imbalances in your system. A Voice Print & Bio is a cutting-edge assessment tool that quickly and easily determines imbalances and weaknesses that need attention. The resulting “Voice Print” sorts the frequencies associated with your physiological systems and emotions determine an overall picture of your health. Safe for all ages, non-invasive and cost-effective, using just Three (3) quick questions and answers, you will gain valuable insights about yourself, as well as understand the root cause of issues and also address problems that may be hidden under the surface.. With each Voice Analysis Session purchased, you will receive: • A 20 to 30-minute Healing Tone, based on your lowest note revealed in your Voice Print results • A copy of your personalized Voice Print revealing your Birth Note Frequency and full Voice Spectrum at the time of the session (see Sample Voice print) • A Frequency “Lifestyle Information Sheet” geared towards recommendations for your lowest or missing note that includes Tones, Mantra/Affirmation, Music, Colors, Movement, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle changes. Is this Service Right for You? The Voice Print & Bio will help you to: • Reveal Strengths and Root Issues • Restore Inner Balance • Reveal your True Power • Troubleshoot problems before they exist • Reveal Obstacles and deficiencies • Learn more about yourself VOICE ANALYSIS Sessions are conducted via a password protected Zoom link or via Telephone. Your voice has a lot to tell you about yourself and Voice Prints are the future of wellness. I’m pleased to offer this emerging technology as yet another way to improve the quality of your life.

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